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5 tips to consider when looking to hire event staff for your next engagement. Elevate Your Event: Choose Prime Time Event Staffing.

Updated: Jan 29

Festival Event Staffing Bartender

Planning a successful event involves meticulous attention to detail, and one of the critical elements is selecting the right event staff. Prime Time Event Staff stands out as a go to staffing vendor in bustling cities like NYC, LA, Miami, and Tampa, offering top-notch personnel to elevate your occasions. As you navigate the process of hiring event staff, it's essential to understand the distinction between model staff and real people staff, and to know what to consider when contacting an event staffing company for a quote. So we decided to put together a list of considerations to help you along the way.

Model Event Staff vs. Real People Event Staff

  1. Model Staff: Often associated with high-profile events, model staff typically possess a polished appearance and may have experience in industries like fashion and entertainment. They excel in roles requiring a glamorous image, such as brand ambassadors or VIP hosts.

  2. Real People Staff: Real people staff are everyday individuals hired for their reliability, professionalism, and suitability for various event roles. They bring authenticity and versatility to positions like servers, bartenders, or event coordinators, catering to a broader range of event types and budgets.

Five Points to Consider When Contacting Prime Time for an Event Staffing Quote:

  1. Event Details: When reaching out to us for a quote, it's crucial to provide as much information as possible about your event. Be sure to have essential details such as the date, start and end times, venue location, and the nature of the occasion (e.g., corporate conference, wedding reception, product launch) ready. This information helps us to understand the logistical requirements and scope of the event, enabling us to recommend suitable staffing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

  2. Staffing Needs: Clearly outline the roles and responsibilities you anticipate for the event staff. Consider the various tasks that need to be fulfilled during your event, such as registration assistance, guest greeting, bartending, or crowd management. Specify the estimated number of staff required for each role and any specific qualifications or experience you deem necessary. Providing detailed staffing requirements allows our booking managers to assemble a team with the right skill sets and expertise to execute your event seamlessly.

  3. Event Logistics: You should be ready to discuss the logistical aspects of your event so our team members have a comprehensive understanding of what's involved. Share information about the venue layout, including the number of rooms or areas where staff will be stationed, as well as any specific setup requirements or equipment needs. Additionally, communicate any potential challenges or constraints that may impact staffing arrangements, such as venue access restrictions or technical considerations. By providing insights into the event logistics, you empower our team to plan and coordinate staffing logistics effectively. If you don't have everything lined up just yet thats fine. Our initial contact will be a discovery call and so an account manager will assist you every step of the way.

  4. Budget Considerations: Openly communicate your budget parameters with us to ensure our booking managers can propose solutions that align with your financial constraints. Be transparent about your budget expectations for staffing services, including any flexibility or limitations. This allows us to tailor our quote accordingly, offering options that maximize value within your budgetary framework. Discussing budget considerations upfront fosters transparency and helps avoid any misunderstandings during our quoting process.

  5. Additional Services: Inquire about any supplementary services or offerings that we provide. Our services expand beyond basic staffing solutions, and this includes event planning assistance, equipment rentals, or customized staffing packages tailored to specific event themes or requirements. Evaluate how these additional services align with your event needs and budget, and discuss any opportunities for bundling services to streamline operations and optimize costs. Exploring the full range of services available ensures you can leverage our expertise and resources to enhance the overall success of your event.

For unparalleled event staffing services in the NYC, Tampa, Miami, and Los Angeles regions, consider Prime Time Event Staffing. With a reputation for excellence, we are committed to exceeding our clients expectations, and it is our goal to partner with you on creating memorable experiences for all in attendance. Prime Time Event Staffing offers a wide range of staffing solutions and will elevate your upcoming engagement.

Let us know how we can be of service. Request a quote and start the booking process, today. Contact us via email at


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